Marina - founder and hands behind the project

Rased in Moscow, Marina came to Canada when she was twelve. In her early 20’s she started traveling, connecting with and yes, you know it — dating people internationally. It is through these romantic encounters, some fleeting, others serious, that her fascination with the topic began. She started blogging about her experiences and later filmed her very first video while working abroad in Latin America. It was not a success. Nor were many of her early videos. However, she was hooked! She left her teaching job to pursue YouTube full the channel full time. It took lots of hard work, trial and error (and tears) to turn this time. It was not an easy couple of years — with only a handful of subscribers, no film background to speak of, and no money coming in she wasn’t sure she could even continue to do gig into a full-time job. She continues to fully manage her channel, from casting to location scouting, with the help of her small team. In her spare time, she likes to use her personal dating experiences as inspiration for videos. Beware - you might see yourself captured in her videos if you risk dating her.

Jason - cinematographer/sound and other odd jobs

Marina and Jason met through in 2017. They have since filmed countless videos together, traveled to cool places such as Iceland, Cuba, and Spain, worked sleepless nights, and dealt with the most random problems that can only happen when a team of two is trying to make a big production happen. Jason currently works a full-time job as a cinematographer for a real estate company, working on Dating Beyond Borders evenings and weekends. When asked to describe where he gets his inspiration for videos, he told me he takes walks through the forest during the moonlight to connect with the universe.



Alexandra -  co-director & co-writer

Alexandra is a Greek-Canadian actor, voice actor, and writer who has worked in the film and TV industry for over a decade. She met Marina in 2016, when cast for the part of “Greek girl” in the series You Know You’re Dating. Since then the two stayed in touch, working on more videos along the way. It is when Marina began living abroad in 2020 that Alexandra gladly took on the director position with Dating Beyond Borders while continuing to work as a professional actor. Nowadays, Marina and Alexandra often meet via Zoom to co-write scripts, organize new video shoots and complain about cast members who make life difficult.




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